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Special Notice for quarantined Students

by Ms. Nirosha Wanigasinghe -

·         Those who have undergone quarantine during the past, need to submit a certification obtained from health authorities as we will be arranging a separate examination hall for them. 

·         Those who are currently under quarantine also need to submit a certification from the health authorities if the period of quarantine ends before 3rd January 2022. 

·         Those who are unable to sit the examination either quarantine or any other reason they should need to submit acceptable documents to exempt the fees and to obtain the full marks when they are due to sit makeup examinations.

Special Message from Head, Finance & Accounts

by Ms. Nirosha Wanigasinghe -

With effect from today, your payment receipt should be sent to the

When sending a receipt to the above email, make sure that the data is clearly visible

Please indicate your student details: Name, ID Number, Student Number, and Course in your payment slip.

If you fail to send the payment receipt to the e-mail address above, you will be treated as an unpaid student.

If you have any clarifications, please send the emails to

Head, Finance & Accounts

Notice 1

by Ms. Nirosha Wanigasinghe -


 Health Guidelines

 1.   You should wash your hands before entering lecture halls. If leaves for any reason, wash your hands and re-enter.  

 2.    Wearing a face mask is compulsory.

 3.   Encouraged to bring your own laptop.

 4.   Students, please do not gather as groups for friendly chatting, and need to keep the distance (1m)

 5.   Once the day’s session are over, students must leave the campus premises as soon as possible. 

 6.   Those who could bring hand sanitizers they are encouraged to do so.

 7.      If you have fever/cold/cough or feeling feverish in the past 24 hours, please do not enter the premises.