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Alterations of Semester Signups 2020 (SIII)

by Ms. Nirosha Wanigasinghe -

Dear Students,

Alterations of submitted signups (2nd Submission) will accept only till 11.00 a.m. on 20/12/2020.

If you need to change your already submitted signups, please send the duly filled blue colour signup forms to respective emails on or before above mentioned time period.

Department of Admissions, Examinations & Evaluation

Notice 1

by Ms. Nirosha Wanigasinghe -


 Health Guidelines

 1.   You should wash your hands before entering lecture halls. If leaves for any reason, wash your hands and re-enter.  

 2.    Wearing a face mask is compulsory.

 3.   Encouraged to bring your own laptop.

 4.   Students, please do not gather as groups for friendly chatting, and need to keep the distance (1m)

 5.   Once the day’s session are over, students must leave the campus premises as soon as possible. 

 6.   Those who could bring hand sanitizers they are encouraged to do so.

 7.      If you have fever/cold/cough or feeling feverish in the past 24 hours, please do not enter the premises.